Fractional CO2 Laser

Imagine you could take all your skin concerns—hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dullness, fine lines—and lift them all away to reveal a new layer of glowing, healthy skin.

It gives you a dramatic improvement when it comes to the visible signs of aging on your skin. Additionally it increases your skin quality by giving it an inner glow and radiance.


– Dull and uneven skin texture & tone

– Hyperpigmentation and age spots

– Thickened, sun-damaged skin and sun spots

– Wrinkles

– Acne scarring

– Sagging skin

How does fractional CO2 laser work?

The fractional CO2 laser has improved the process of skin rejuvenation tremendously. Instead of ablating (vaporizing) the entire surface of the treated skin, the fractional CO2 laser makes many tiny holes, leaving the skin surrounding these holes intact. As the skin heals, new collagen production within the skin is stimulated but with a much shorter recovery time and far fewer complications.

How do you prepare for a fractional laser treatment

Your skin needs to be prepared before laser skin resurfacing. This involves a specifically formulated skin product applied nightly 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure. This will increase your skin’s tolerance of professional treatments and decrease your risk of side effects. The skin preparation product is discontinued one week before your treatment.

What to expect during the treatment

– On the day of the procedure we apply a topical anaesthetic to the area being treated. This will make you more comfortable during the procedure.

– Next, the skin is cleansed to remove any excess oil, dirt, and bacteria.

– You will feel a little prickling sensation as the laser is moved slowly over your skin, but it should only be mildly uncomfortable.

– For most patients, laser skin resurfacing takes less than 45 minutes.

What is the recovery like?

Following your fractional CO2 laser treatment, there can be mild discomfort for 24 to 48 hours, similar to sunburn. For the first few days the treated skin will feel tight and may itch.

Within three to four days the outer layer of your skin will turn darker and peel. Peeling is usually complete in seven days, leaving a soft, smooth, new pink-red skin underneath. This new skin may be pink for about two weeks after the procedure and this can easily be disguised with make-up.


Post-operative care is important. Wash your face two to five times a day during recovery to keep the area clean, and make sure to only use a gentle cleanser (that means absolutely no chemical or physical exfoliators) or water. Keep your skin well lubricated with the prescribed home care products and wear sunscreen to protect your new skin .You should apply sunscreen every morning, even when it’s cloudy. Make sure to reapply as needed throughout the day.

What results can be expected

Fractional CO2 laser stands out from other skin rejuvenation options because you get great results from a single treatment in days; no other treatment is able to deliver such quick and effective results.

Is it safe?

Yes, fractional CO2 laser treatments are safe and effective. Sometimes it’s better to do multiple treatments on lower settings with less downtime and less risk, than doing fewer treatments on higher, more intense settings with more downtime. As long as you carefully follow your post-treatment instructions, this will be the limit of the difficulties you might experience.

How often should I do the treatment?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment stimulates the growth of collagen and therefore improvements continue for approximately six months after the procedure, depending on your starting point and your lifestyle following treatment.

A single fractional CO2 laser treatment will substantially improve your skin. However, if you have very deep wrinkles, marked unevenness of skin tones, and many dark spots, a second treatment four to six months later may be desirable.