Medical Weight Loss

We offer a unique medical weight loss program that goes beyond the typical diet.

It is weight management based on medical scientific principles that target the root causes of obesity and weight gain to achieve and sustain a healthy weight in the long-term under the care of a medical team.

How is Medical Weight Loss different from other programs:

The tools that we use to help you lose and manage your weight are very different from what you find with commercial programs.

Medical Consultation

Your visit starts with a medical consultation which will include your medical history, a thorough preliminary medical examination and any necessary lab tests to determine your health status, and rule out any risk factors. It’s important to understand your overall health when designing your personalized plan. If you have a condition that requires medication that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts, we will prescribe a safe, effective option to lift those barriers.

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Our dietitian will ask you to step on a special scale that will give you a total breakdown of the percentages of fat, muscle, and water in your body. Your resting metabolism will also be taken. This gives us a baseline of where you’ll start your weight loss plan. We use your metabolism and body composition (mainly fat percentage) as true indicators of weight loss progress.

Consultation with our Dietitian

Finally, our dietitian will review your medical history and BCA results, and then will sit down to get to know you. This is the time to open up about your weight loss goals and challenges, and what you truly want to get out of a weight loss plan. She will prescribe a safe, personalised diet to help you lose weight while breaking the cycle of food addiction.

Long-term weight management

The real solution lies not in the weight loss, but in weight management, helping patients maintain a healthy weight over time, particularly in the first year after reaching their goal weight.

During the program our team closely monitors and assesses your progress towards better health and well-being as you lose weight.

Persistence, not perfection, is the key.